How to search for specific rental property features or types

When searching for properties on PrimeLocation, you can filter on specific features or types to really tailor the results and see the properties that are best for you. 

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over To rent
  3. Click on Property to rent
  4. Type in your search area and basic search criteria, i.e. Min price and Max priceProperty type and the number of Bedrooms 
    1. You can apply Advanced search options here, e.g. Keywords
  5. Click Search 
  6. On your list of suitable properties, click Filters and keywords
  7. If you haven't already, use the keywords box to tailor your results.
    Search for single words by typing them in, comma separated, e.g. garage, garden, bath. 
    Search for phrases by adding quotations marks, e.g. "wood floors"
  8. To search for specific property types, click the relevant option from the Property type dropdown menu
  9. Click the relevant option from the Furniture dropdown menu to filter by your preferred furnished type
  10. To search for properties recently added to PrimeLocation, click the relevant option from the Status dropdown menu to select the appropriate timeframe
  11. Click Update
  12. The screen automatically refreshes to show the updated results